Published Opinions
L & K Office Photos E. Paul Lanphier and Jeffrey N. Kowalkowski have argued and participated in the following published opinions in the 1st and 2nd District Appellate Courts of the State of Illinois and the Seventh Circuit United States Court of Appeals. These cases involve both civil and criminal areas of the law. As expected in a law firm that is engaged in the general practice of law, the issues addressed are wide ranging and varied. The civil issues include sanctions against an insurance company; interpretation of the Uniform Commercial Code; attorney fees in a divorce action; the propriety of an adoption; entitlement to employment benefits; an accounting in business litigation; a mortgage foreclosure; a real estate broker fee dispute; damages in a personal injury automobile accident claim; and, foreclosure of a mechanics lien. In the criminal area, the appeals have involved robbery, entrapment, counterfeiting and mail fraud.

In re Commissioner of Banks and Real Estate, 327 Ill.App.3d 441 (2001)

Peerless Enterprise, Inc., v. Kruse, 317 Ill.App.3d 133 (2000)

Elmhurst Auto Parts, Inc. v. Fencl-Tufo Chevrolet, Inc., 235 Ill.App.3d 88 (1992)

Kunyik v. Grant, 187 Ill.App.3d 961 (1989)

In re Adoption of Kindgren, 184 Ill.App.3d 661 (1989)

Miller v. Scholle Corporation, 177 Ill.App.3d 998 (1989)

Kennedy v. Miller, 174 Ill.App.3d 48 (1988)

Affronti v. Bodine, 155 Ill.App.3d 755 (1987)

Buzzard v. Bolger, 117 Ill.App.3d 887 (1983)

Plepel v. Nied, 106 Ill.App.3d 282 (1982)

People v. Lewis, 80 Ill.App.2d 101 (1967)

United States v. Florence, 376 F.2d 597 (1967)

Clarke v. Rochford, 224 N.E.2d 679 (1967)

Kerr v. Pusateri, 212 N.E.2d 263 (1965)

Strauss v. United States, 347 F.2d 691 (1965)


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